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Our goal at Pavers & Blocks is to deliver every job with excellence, and to leave our clients satisfied with the work we have completed. We pride ourselves in treating every job as if we are working on our own homes, and want to assure you that the quality of our work is never compromised. You deserve a superior job at a fair price, and Pavers & Blocks & Blocks believes we can provide that service to you.


Our goal is to deliver every job with excellence!




Pavers & Blocks CRV Corp., is a local family owned and operated paving company, specializing in the installation and sealing of brick pavers, travertine pavers, interlocking pavers, thin pavers, and natural stone. We do complete site work and hardscaping, from demolition to final inspection installs for driveways, walkaways, pool decks, patios, parking lots, and historic streets here in South Florida. We also resurface and re-tile pool decks, excavate and install retaining walls with drainage systems, and clean and seal pavers of all types.

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We are a local family owned and operated in the Tri-County area, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Projects done on time

Our team will do all your projects on time ad well within the budget. You can be safe and certain about that with our company.

Always available

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project or our work.

Professional and responsible

You can always lean onto Pavers & Blocks. Our team of professionals will help you turn your dream Driveway, Pathway, Walkaway, Pool surface, into a reality fast.

About us


Our services include: paver installation, retaining wall installation, step work, coping, flagstone, travertine, marble, curb work, concrete flatwork, repairs, and drainage systems. We are committed to and take pride in keeping our operating costs in order, which allows for our ability to offer the most competitive pricing for these professional services in South Florida.